May 16, 2021

Islands on my mind grow on my back


Islands –

Of sea-washed-plastic blue

On life-jacket orange

On beach-foam white

On dunaliella-salina pink

On slippery-deck blue

On my-recurrent-colour green –

On my mind

Grow on my back.


May 11, 2021

My dream landscapes call for electric arms

...And then, underneath, there is this whole mass of internalized impossibilities 
   revealed in glimpses in dreams, where unreachable landscapes open ahead 
   of me in alien colours.

 My dream landscapes call for electric arms, 2020-2021
studio display @ Hall


Jan 4, 2021

View of Me

View of Me, 2017


- Take in the view of me! -

A bodily memory of rhythms and mechanics involved in the making of the sculptural object and a pondering on landscape contemplation

An exchange of attributes between receptor-bodies and body-receptors, that cushion, wrap, envelop, compress, bend, stress, strain, tear

Inherent to my work the relationship with categories of the natural environment and geological space is recurringly related to globalized extreme biopolitical conditions. In my videos the individual acting body appears as an interface with surrounding elements that cannot be reached except through primary experience. In View of Me this kind of physicality is extended to the relationship with the sculptural object, the body mechanics and the rhythms involved in its making.





Aug 23, 2020

My dream landscapes call for electric arms



Of mossy green 
Of salt deposits  
My dream landscapes 
Call for electric arms  
details of video and sculpture, both in the making


Feb 1, 2020

Jan 31, 2020

 On view: Estimated Break #1 & 2

In-studio portraits for ARTWORKS!
by Giannis Cheimonakis

Dec 18, 2019

Surface of Affect #2 & 3

Surface of Affect #2 & 3

asphalt mastic, bronze

 Poisons, The Symptom Project #10 
curated by Apostolis Artinos

exhibition views

Δύστροπο, απωθητικό και δύσοσμο υλικό, μαλακό και ελαστικό, υγρό που αργά στερεοποιείται σε σκληρές πτυχώσεις αφήνοντας ρωγμές και σχισμές προς το βλαβερό, οργανικό και μαύρο. 

Sep 19, 2019

Rocks as no matter of fact!

Rocks as no matter of fact 

Forthcoming 2 @ Space 52
curated by Dionisis Christofilogiannis

in the picture also works by Andreas Ragnar Kassapis and Stelios Karamanolis

Grafí #1-8

Grafí #1-8, 2017, Monotype on paper, greyboard, magnets, MDF, iron
exhibition views

Curated by: Panos Giannikopoulos Marily Konstantinopoulou Dimitra Nikoloù
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Feb 3, 2019

       Surface of Affect #3
       studio detail

       asphalt mastic, bronze

Dec 21, 2018

Jun 27, 2018

May 8, 2017

If you were written on ice you would be equally indecipherable
Newly archived - check!

Mar 21, 2017

photo by Dimitris Foutris


If you were written on ice you would be equally indecipherable
- installation detail - 

until 24/03

Feb 26, 2017

"Foteini Palpana’s installation If you were written on ice you would be equally indecipherable focuses on the visual information, the tactile relations and the remnants of a violent dialectic organized around a steady observer. We are dealing with the recreation of hermetically sealed surfaces bearing the signs of indecipherable writings. The network of crevices on the surface of a rock is viewed by the artist as a cryptogram that can be transcribed, but not necessarily interpreted."

Nov 29, 2016

notes and traces - in the making

"O Samas (dieu du soleil), tu scrutes de ta lumière 
la totalité des pays comme si c'était des signes cunéiformes"

Jacques Derrida, De la Grammatologie

"O Samas (sun-god), by your light you scan the totality 
of lands as if they were cuneiform signs" – tr. Spivak, 1976

Ζακ Ντερριντά, Περί Γραμματολογίας, μτφ. Κωστής Παπαγιώργης, Εκδόσεις «γνώση», 1990.

EP: Symposium L'écriture et la psychologie des peuples, 1963

"dialectic mirror"
lapsus oculi
or: reading what one wants to read


Nov 2, 2016

Maps (Sea Folds)

Map 1, 2014, digital print on paper, 90x120

 Maps (Sea Folds) #1-20, 2015-2016, digital print on paper 

Maps, like all maps, are abstractions turned into objects. What is a digital image is also tangible. It can be folded and spread out on the floor. As an object it may have its curves and edges highlighted by artificial light.


vimeo: Folding ‘Sea#8’

"Prominent among the curses of civilisation is the map that folds up "convenient for the pocket". There are men who can do almost anything except shut a map. It is calculated that the energy wasted yearly in denouncing these maps to their face would build  the Eiffel Tower in thirteen weeks. 
Almost every house in Edinburgh has a map warranted to shut easily, which the whole family, working together, is unable to fold."