May 12, 2022

Ios Art Residency #1: Micro-stories of a Mutable Landscape

in Ios together with Dimitra Kondylatou and Orestis Mavroudis for the first part of Ios Art Residency#1
"Micro-stories of a Mutable Landscape" by the association Save Ios

curated by Dimitris Foutris
April 2022

Dimitris Foutris: Development that protects the environment is a one-way street for the Cyclades

Apr 3, 2022

Soft Landscapes @ Zoumboulakis Gallery

photo by Natalia Manta


view of the group exhibition "Open-ended" curated by Georgia Liapi
Zoumboulakis Gallery, February - March 2022
works by Eric Stephany, Nikos Alexiou, Pavlos Tsakonas, Foteini Palpana



My dream landscapes call for electric arms @ Talc Studio

photos by Talc Studio

views of the group exhibition “The Machine in the Ghost”
curated by Talc Studio
January - March 2022
in the back works by Dimitris Efeoglou and Antonis Antoniou

Jan 21, 2022

Islands on my mind grow on my back @ Openshow Studio

Vitrina Project @ Openshowstudio by Sofia Toubourra
solo exhibition, December 2021 - January 2022

"Islands on my mind grow on my back was created in 2021, continuing Palpana’s work on the subjects of the ground and the landscape.

The colourful, heavy islands were built out of a layering process in order to be viewed, touched, walked upon and carried, or in order to remind us of a violent exclusion".

Nov 6, 2021

Islands on my mind grow on my back

view of the group exhibition “Systems, Organisms, Symbiosis”, at EIGHT, Athens
curated by Gigi Argyropoulou and Kostas Tzimoulis
June & September-October 2021
in the back: Nikos Arvanitis, “Twelve Hours”

Text by Constantinos Hadjinikolaou in the Kathimerini, 8th of August 2021


Sep 17, 2021

Estimated Break


photo by Kostas Samonas


“Estimated Break”
Archeological Museum of Paros, July 2021
solo exhibition curated by Natasa Biza
Paros Festival “Gazing at the Landscape”


"... What for a sculpture or a statue is considered to be damage brought by forces that separate the members from the body or break the face, when it comes to the landscape it is but a neutral process. It is a state of continuous formation happening under constant yet barely perceived violence. Estimated Break ponders on the landscape as an interaction between forces producing an ever-changing result".



May 16, 2021

Islands on my mind grow on my back


Islands –

Of sea-washed-plastic blue

On life-jacket orange

On beach-foam white

On dunaliella-salina pink

On slippery-deck blue

On my-recurrent-colour green –

On my mind

Grow on my back.


May 11, 2021

My dream landscapes call for electric arms

...And then, underneath, there is this whole mass of internalized impossibilities 
   revealed in glimpses in dreams, where unreachable landscapes open ahead 
   of me in alien colours.

 My dream landscapes call for electric arms, 2020-2021
studio display @ Hall


Jan 4, 2021

View of Me

View of Me, 2017

A bodily memory of rhythms and mechanics involved in the making of the sculptural object and a pondering on landscape contemplation

An exchange of attributes between receptor-bodies and body-receptors, that cushion, wrap, envelop, compress, bend, stress, strain, tear

Inherent to my work the relationship with categories of the natural environment and geological space is recurringly related to globalized extreme biopolitical conditions. In my videos the individual acting body appears as an interface with surrounding elements that cannot be reached except through primary experience. In View of Me this kind of physicality is extended to the relationship with the sculptural object, the body mechanics and the rhythms involved in its making.





Aug 23, 2020

My dream landscapes call for electric arms



Of mossy green 
Of salt deposits  
My dream landscapes 
Call for electric arms  
details of video and sculpture, both in the making


Feb 1, 2020

Jan 31, 2020

 On view: Estimated Break #1 & 2

In-studio portraits for ARTWORKS!
by Giannis Cheimonakis

Dec 18, 2019

Surface of Affect #2 & 3

Surface of Affect #2 & 3

asphalt mastic, bronze

 Poisons, The Symptom Project #10 
curated by Apostolis Artinos

exhibition views

Δύστροπο, απωθητικό και δύσοσμο υλικό, μαλακό και ελαστικό, υγρό που αργά στερεοποιείται σε σκληρές πτυχώσεις αφήνοντας ρωγμές και σχισμές προς το βλαβερό, οργανικό και μαύρο. 

Sep 19, 2019

Rocks as no matter of fact!

Rocks as no matter of fact 

Forthcoming 2 @ Space 52
curated by Dionisis Christofilogiannis

in the picture also works by Andreas Ragnar Kassapis and Stelios Karamanolis

Grafí #1-8

Grafí #1-8, 2017, Monotype on paper, greyboard, magnets, MDF, iron
exhibition views

Curated by: Panos Giannikopoulos Marily Konstantinopoulou Dimitra Nikoloù
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Feb 3, 2019

       Surface of Affect #3
       studio detail

       asphalt mastic, bronze

Dec 21, 2018

Jun 27, 2018

May 8, 2017

If you were written on ice you would be equally indecipherable
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