Jun 27, 2018

May 8, 2017


If you were written on ice you would be equally indecipherable
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Mar 21, 2017

photo by Dimitris Foutris


If you were written on ice you would be equally indecipherable
- installation detail - 

until 24/03

Feb 26, 2017

"Foteini Palpana’s installation If you were written on ice you would be equally indecipherable focuses on the visual information, the tactile relations and the remnants of a violent dialectic organized around a steady observer. We are dealing with the recreation of hermetically sealed surfaces bearing the signs of indecipherable writings. The network of crevices on the surface of a rock is viewed by the artist as a cryptogram that can be transcribed, but not necessarily interpreted."

Nov 29, 2016

notes and traces - in the making

"O Samas (dieu du soleil), tu scrutes de ta lumière 
la totalité des pays comme si c'était des signes cunéiformes"

Jacques Derrida, De la Grammatologie

"O Samas (sun-god), by your light you scan the totality 
of lands as if they were cuneiform signs" – tr. Spivak, 1976

Ζακ Ντερριντά, Περί Γραμματολογίας, μτφ. Κωστής Παπαγιώργης, Εκδόσεις «γνώση», 1990.

EP: Symposium L'écriture et la psychologie des peuples, 1963

"dialectic mirror"
lapsus oculi
or: reading what one wants to read


Nov 2, 2016

Maps (Sea Folds)

Map 1, 2014, digital print on paper, 90x120

 Maps (Sea Folds) #1-20, 2015-2016, digital print on paper 

Maps, like all maps, are abstractions turned into objects. What is a digital image is also tangible. It can be folded and spread out on the floor. As an object it may have its curves and edges highlighted by artificial light.


vimeo: Folding ‘Sea#8’

"Prominent among the curses of civilisation is the map that folds up "convenient for the pocket". There are men who can do almost anything except shut a map. It is calculated that the energy wasted yearly in denouncing these maps to their face would build  the Eiffel Tower in thirteen weeks. 
Almost every house in Edinburgh has a map warranted to shut easily, which the whole family, working together, is unable to fold."

Feb 22, 2016

Sep 24, 2015

Optical Device

photo by Becky Campbell 

Materials: glass magnifying lenses (diameter 6 and 10 cm), metal hose clamp, silicon rods, piece of plastic contour map (torn, approx. 6x4 cm), plastic zipper bag. 
Status: component parts.  
Function: yet to be determined -presumable use in navigation, photogrammetry or hydrographic surveying.  

For the project “Curious Artefacts” by Becky Campbell

May 4, 2014


Fold, 2014, digital print on canvas, magnets

Fold may refer to a natural process or a human action. 
Folding a map is a gesture preceded by various levels of abstraction. 
Folding a snap-shot of a geological formation suggests a different kind of abstraction.

Folding Gesture #1, 2014, video, 1min. 

 Index 1, 2014, 24 digital prints on paper, notebook

 Index 2, 2014, digital print on paper, 70x100