Foteini Palpana

born 1984
lives and works in Athens

member of the artist group Campus Novel 

* marks Campus Novel projects


2016 Athens School of Fine Arts, GR -MFA
2012 Athens School of Fine Arts, GR -BFA
2005 University of Athens, GR -BA in Greek and English Language and Literature

scholarships and awards  

2018 ARTWORKS/ SNF Artist Fellowship Program

2014-2015 Onassis Foundation Scholarship for postgraduate studies
2009-2010 Greek State Scholarship Foundation


2015 Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjordur, IS*
2013 Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, DE*

group exhibitions


Homo Sportivus -curator Konstantinos Argianas- House of Cyprus, Athens, GR*
Slower, Smaller, Weaker - curator Alexandra Streshna, produced by Apexart NY- Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration, Acharnes, GR*
Dark Matters -curator Konstantinos Argianas- ΚΕΙV, Athens, GR*

Secrets, the world of small things -curator George Georgakopoulos- My Odyssey, Athens, GR
KIOSK – KSOIK, A-Letheia project and Snehta Residency for Documenta 14, Fokionos Negri & Eptanisou, Athens, GR*
buca #17, Yellow Brick, Athens, GR*
The Ever-Garden Effect, Campus Novel and Barbara Marcel, Platforms Project 2017, Athens, GR*

Mere-exposure effect -curator Galini Lazani- Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, GR

Athens Biennale OMONOIA, Synapse 2, Athens, GR*
NICE! -curators Salon de Vortex- Cultural Center Manos Loizos, Athens, GR*
Overseas -curator Galini Notti- ACG Gallery, Athens, GR

Athens Biennale OMONOIA, Synapse 1, Athens, GR*
Deferred Action: adaptations of artistic radicalism -curator Kostis Stafylakis- ISET, Athens, GR* 
Calliope - or How a public square can fit into a public urinal, Das KloHäuschen, München, DE*
Curious Artefacts -curator Becky Campbell- The ArtWall, Athens, GR
Local/ Focal/ Fluctuant, the Bookshop-projecspace, Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjordur, IS*
Luminous Flux/ Reflected overlays on locative norms, Kornilakis building (Industrial Museum of Syros), Syros, GR*
Invisible governments: “Gnosis” as a state of the self -curator Kostis Stafylakis- Circuits and Currents, Athens, GR* 

ANAPLASISArt-Athina 2015, Campus Novel participation in Platform Project, Athens, GR *
BLASTED -curator Zara Audiello- BETON 7, Athens, GR*
Babel Fragments: Revisited -curator Alexis Fidetzis- matematic: Taf, Athens, GR*
Setting -curator Becky Campbell- SNEHTA, Athens, GR*

Monte Verità, Art-Athina 2014, Campus Novel participation in Platform Project, Athens, GR *
(the) Heavy Page, metamatic:taf, Athens, GR *
Hypnodrones - sleep deviations, Back to Athens, Hotel Pindaros, Athens, GR  *
Boundaries  -curator Becky Campbell-Artscape Athens and Snehta Residency, Athens, GR


AGORA, 4th Athens Biennale, Athens, GR *
Window Diary, 11+1 Young Artists -solo presentation- Icarus Publishing House, Athens, Gr 
Dronology, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Weissensee Art Academy Berlin, DE *
Direct Action 2013, Month of Performance Art –Berlin, Abteilung Für Alles Andere, Berlin, DE *
Black Maria, Campus Novel solo exhibition, Salon de Vortex @ CheapArt, Athens, GR *
Domestic Crisis, Campus Novel solo exhibition, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, DE *
ROOMS2013 -curator Tassos Koutsouris- Kappatos Gallery of Contemporary Art and St George Lycabetus Hotel,

Paralogi, Campus Novel solo exhibition, BRDG, Antwerp, BE *
Old Masters, New Partners, Platonos 36, Galatsi, Athens, GR * 
Extra People, occupied Empros Theatre, Athens, GR *


On Odysseus Elytis poetry -curator Giannis Psychopaidis- House of Cyprus, Athens, GR
Symptom Project 2 -curators Apostolis Artinos, Margarita Kataga- Totem group participation, Tannery workshops, Amfissa, GR


Exiles -curator Giannis Psychopaidis- House of Cyprus, Athens, GR
A3, Athens School of Fine Arts, GR


Real Presence 2009 -curators Biljana Tomic, Dobrila Denegri- Legacy House, Belgrade, SRB
Continuity, ASFA Graduates Foundation, Athens, GR
Bob Theatre Festival ’09, Chora theatre, Athens,GR


Campus Novel @ Athens Biennale ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ with four workshops under the general title Archiving Topologies
research, planning, curation: Campus Novel in collaboration with Ilaria Biotti, Barbara Marcel and artist duo Tatiana Ilichenko and Moritz Metzner
production: Campus Novel and Athens Biennale
Bageion Hotel, Omonoia

Luminous Flux/ Reflected overlays on locative norms, workshop and group exhibition curated by Campus Novel in co-organization with Syros InstituteSyros Institute and Kornilakis building (Industrial Museum of Syros), Syros, GR*

Springs and Sources, group exhibition curated by Campus Novel in cooperation with Leda Kazantzaki, Apoikia, Andros, GR*


Ruinous Pasts, Presents (and Futures?) in collaboration with Eleana Gialouri for Learning from Documenta, Prevelakis Hall, Athens School of Fine Arts *
Octo-apps / Autonomous Peoples’ Pneumatic Systems, Telekommunisten in collaboration with Errands for New Babylon Revisited, Praxitelous 33, Athens *
Aesthetic - Responsibility - Drones, Migrating Art Academies, in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, Weissensee Art Academy Berlin and Top association in Berlin, Weissensee Art Academy Berlin, DE  
The Long Now, Athens School of Fine Arts, Graphic Arts department in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp, ASFA, Athens 
Real Presence, Dobrila Denegri and Biljana Tomic in collaboration with IUAV - FDA and Educational and promotional department of Venice Biennial, Belgrade, RS